How To Get Rid Of Squirrels In Your Garden

Squirrels can be a nuisance in your garden. Squirrels gather berries, nuts, fruit and insects from your garden. These sneaky and fast animals love gardens that offer a lot of food for them. Homeowners can deal with squirrels in various ways in order to reduce the damages that they make within gardens.

Tips 1:

Squirrels usually dig holes to get into your garden. Always ensure that you dig your fence about a foot into the ground. This ensures that squirrels aren’t able to dig under and pass the fence.

Tips 2:

Foods that fall on your garden should always be raked. Removing foods such as berries will ensure that there is nothing that will attract squirrels into your garden. Regular raking these foods will do away with the possibility of them showing up.

Tips 3:

Pets can effectively chase away squirrels from your garden. Dogs and cats can keep squirrels at bay. For homeowners with pets, letting them out into your garden can help get rid of squirrels.

Tips 4:

Repellents can help drive squirrels out of your garden. Natural to artificial repellents that contain the smell of predators can be used to achieve this. When squirrels pick the smell of their predators, they will immediately take off.

Squirrels can be disastrous. They can end up damaging plants on your garden. You should always ensure that you employ effective ways of dealing with squirrels.